Website Security for £49 per month

with Sitemakers Active Website Protection


Advanced firewall protection

That actively protects your website from harm.


Mitigating malicious acts

24/7 Monitoring of your website for unusual activity.


Protection against hacks & malware

24/7 Monitoring for website malware & hack attempts.


Improved speed and site performance

On average a 70% increase in page load speeds.

If you have business premises you protect them with strong security – locks on the doors, a monitored alarm system and maybe CCTV. A website is just as attractive to criminals – although they will be after your data rather than your stock. Advanced website security and protection is vital for any website that has ecommerce, or collects and holds personal data. We provide an advanced firewall that actively monitors your website for unusual activity and mitigates malicious acts. Website protection includes website malware & hack detection, plus unlimited cleanups. In addition, advanced content caching improves the speed performance of your website.

CyberWarden Active Website Protection is designed to safeguard your business from attacks; to detect and fix problems before they affect your reputation. We partner with Sucuri, using their proven website security platform to protect your business with the highest levels of service and performance.   

Detect and Protect your website

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protect against website threats including malware and hacks.

DDoS attacks cause huge problems to website owners, demanding massive amounts of bandwidth, bringing site speed down to a crawl and effectively taking sites offline. Blocking these attacks is a high priority.

Brute Force attacks are made using automated tools that try to force their way through website security. Active website protection stops these attacks in their tracks.

Detect and protect illustration

Websites are monitored continuously to help detect and protect from attack:

Website Malware Scanner

The scanner monitors for signs of website malware and indicators of compromise.

SEO Spam Scanner

Spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Discover signs of SEO spam before Google and other search engines do so, and penalise you.

Blocklist Status

A blocklisted site loses at least 95% of its traffic. This scanner monitors for security warnings from blocklist authorities.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

If any changes are made to your website’s SSL certificate (HTTPS), immediate alerts are received.

Website Server-Side Scanner

All files on the server are checked for signs of malware to find backdoors, phishing pages, spam, DDoS scripts, and more.

DNS Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring detects any changes to your website’s domain name system (DNS) settings. An alert is generated if changes are made so that you know if anyone is trying to access and redirect your website domain.


A website that has been compromised needs immediate attention. Malicious code is firstly identified and then safely removed from your website file system and database. Once completed, the website is restored. We then advise additional measures to protect your website from further attack.

Further website security responses include:

Remove Blocklist Status

Websites with security warnings lose up to 95% of their traffic. Blocklist removal requests can be submitted on your behalf.

Repair SEO Spam

SEO spam keywords and link injections can harm your brand within the search engines as they will penalise your website. Making your website look right in the search engines will improve your performance.

Prevent Future Attacks

The website firewall (WAF) blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic. This stops hacks from getting through and speeds up your site.

Website security Perform

Several techniques are used to make your site faster. But website security is only of value if it doesn’t degrade the user experience. The Sucuri content delivery network caches your website content automatically and this speeds your page loading time by 70% on average. Multiple caching options available for every type of website, offering high availability and redundancy in case of network failure. The CDN runs on a globally distributed Anycast network.