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Bold creative designs, by your creative agency in Somerset.

Our original core client base back in 1996 was working for Somerset based businesses. We soon started building a wider client base with Web design in Bristol, Web design in Taunton and web design in Exeter being carried out. A majority of our work was creating brochure style enquiry websites for local businesses, demand was high and we grew a large client base and have worked on many exciting website design projects over the years.

To further enhance our website design services in Somerset, we started work on developing our very own ecommerce platform, we called Liquidshop. At the time we developed this there was very few really good ecommerce platforms. So creating our own seemed the best option.

Within 2 years we were well on our way to 100 ecommerce website design clients using our ecommerce platform Liquidshop. Wrapped around this we started to develop our own Commerce support services, which has grown into an experienced, talented team of ecommerce experts all based in our Somerset Offices in Aller.

We more recently have started to move away form our own Liquidshop built platform, whilst it is an amazing system and is still being used to this day by many retail clients. We knew that technology had moved on at such a rate and platforms had become far more established.

So we made the decision to build our Liquidshop ecommerce support and design services around Magento ecommerce. This enables us to provide a world leading ecommerce platform alongside our class leading support services.

Our years of experience, growing within the industry and building an incredible team of people, we now provide amazing website design services in Somerset, South West, down to Exeter and into Bristol.

We even work for clients further afield, into London and more nationally.

Ecommerce website design Somerset – Further reading

We have been offering our website design in Somerset for over 20 years. In that time website design has changed massively, from creating simple HTML pages using tables and simple markup, then moving onto utilising Adobe Flash within the website designs, and now making use of CSS, DIV tags, Javascript and PHP to mention only a few.

This has been down to advances is technology, and importantly internet speeds. With internet speeds and the internet becoming more accessible. The focus of website design has shifted to become more ‘mobile’ friendly and more responsive. There have been plenty of articles about this topic written, but needless to say if you are not focusing on mobile friendly design, you are without doubt losing out to your competitors.

What this highlights is the need to stay on top of your website design Somerset. If you have a website that has not been updated in some way within the last 2 years, the chances are your website needs an overhaul.

Whilst you may think that it looks perfectly fine and ‘does the job’ your website design Somerset is potentially losing you enquiries or sales, and therefore business.

Our website design Somerset appraisal can help tackle this. We can provide a no obligation appraisal of your existing website design and provide useful pointers on how to improve this. This may mean just a few minor alterations can be done, or it may mean a re-design is required, in which case we can make some suggestions.

You may read that we are using the phrase website design Somerset, whilst not totally relevant to all our clients, if we are open about our intention here; it is to perform better within our targeted search terms within Google. At the same time we are trying to ensure this content is readable and make sense to you, a potential client who we would love an opportunity to work with.

So you have found yourself here and are reading this far, so we must have got something right, perhaps we can get things right for you too!