Graphic design & digital solutions

Outstanding graphic design by our creative team.

Graphic design is an key aspect of developing and promoting your business identity. Creating strong visual branding for your business means you enhance recognition and loyalty amongst customers and prospects. The Sitemakers team has expertise in developing corporate identity, brochures and advertising, all optimised for use online and offline.

A Creative Approach

Working with Sitemakers introduces you to a creative team that can help translate your ideas into images. Our approach of listening first results in designs that work to meet your business objectives.

Your Business in Mind

Graphic design is a fusing of art and function. It needs to perform a job of conveying both an image and a business message, We are masters at spinning creativity into commercial success.

Delivering results with design

Commercial graphic design needs to work for its living. It has a job to do in terms of creating awareness, building brand and driving sales. We design with a view to delivering results for your business.

Somerset based graphic design services in Somerset, Taunton, Bristol, Exeter and rest of UK.

Corporate Identity

How’s your company image. Does it accurately reflect your values, and the market you operate in? Have things changed, and do you want to freshen up your image to reflect this? Talk to our design team, and we will help you to create a new image that attracts the right business for you.

Brochures and Literature

A few years ago many people were writing off printed marketing materials. Physical brochures, mailers and flyers were ‘so last century’ and overtaken by anything online. In truth, they never went away, and printed materials still have a valuable role to play in communication to your customers. 


Advertising has evolved, and it is now possible to be highly targeted in identifying customers and pinpointing adverts at them. Data from online advertising means measuring results has also become more accurate, so our creative advertising designs can prove their worth.