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Ecommerce website design agency in Somerset

In the early days of Ecommerce website design, we realised that many solutions back then were overly complicated and never really suited the busy day-to-day needs for retailers in the UK.

So, we developed our own solution which we called Liquidshop. As the internet and online industry evolved, our system was developed further and successfully launched over 100 online retail stores. More recently we realised that it made sense for us to adopt a richer featured, better supported Ecommerce platform.

We have a dedicated website that talks about Liquidshop solution in ore details, which can be viewed here. Alternatively if you wanted more information on Magneto itself and how this platform can benefit your online retail business. Then we have setup a Magento specific information site which can be found here. It is important when choosing an ecommerce provider for your ecommerce website design that they understand your needs and can provide suitable support. It is not enough these days to just throw together a website design and launch it without on-going support.

The industry is forever evolving, the technology is always being developed, faster ways of coding, more robust code and the need to stay compliant and secure, with ever incasing threats form cyber attack. So with all of this mind, you need to ensure you can find an ecommerce website design provider who has a team dedicated to the task of supporting your online business.

We have a team of experienced ecommerce website designers, who will work with you to understand your needs. Then our ecommerce website support team will train you, guide you in the use of the system and be on hand whenever you have a question. We provide on-going support for your ecommerce website design and offer high class customer support 24/7.