Slick Willies

Client showcase

A fresh ecommerce website design for Slick Willies, a skateboarding shop based in London.

A collaborative effort between Slick Willies and Sitemakers has produced a fantastic new website which has delighted both our client and their customers since its launch.

We developed the new ecommerce website in phases, making the project more manageable, and ensuring that we included all the features and design imagery that were required.

Breaking down an ecommerce design and development into smaller elements means that we can all can focus on each new phase of the build, one at a time.

It’s also a real benefit to have a wide variety of high quality images, as this really helps establish a strong ecommerce website design. With the high quality images provided by Slick Willies, we were able to create a design that appeals to their target audience and really effectively promotes their brand. Action shots of skateboarding help to reinforce the brand aesthetic, as do the images of the models wearing the branded clothes.

A close working relationship between Sitemakers and our clients means we can develop an understanding of what they want to achieve with an upgraded website both in terms of design and functionality. The passed process allows for the client to see how changes are being implemented incrementally. Also, it helps us understand the features that the client prefers as the project progresses, so we can advise whether those features will fit with the existing functionality.

It’s great for our team when we get to work with exciting brands such as Slick Willies. This is especially true when provided with such great imagery that shows off the brand.