The word ‘logo’ is an abbreviation of ‘logotype,’ from the Greek lógos and túpos meaning “word” and “mark” respectively. Logos are everywhere around us in our daily lives. See for yourself; you probably won’t have to look too far to find them. The clothing you are wearing, the phone in your pocket, and your footwear are all likely to be branded in some way.

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At its most basic, a logo is a visual mark that identifies and promotes a business, service, or product. Logos are important for the success of a company’s branding and can often be the first thing people notice relating to a specific business. Your company’s logo should reflect your brand’s personality and purpose, whilst also being eye-catching and distinctive.

A well-designed, professional-looking logo will not only represent your brand effectively, but it will also be easily recognisable to your audience and become associated with your business. This all adds to your brand’s presence, when people notice your company it will prompt them to think about using your business.

Your branding should target the right market and make you distinct from your competitors. It should gain your customers’ trust. Think of your logo as your company’s signature, a visual reminder to your customers and employees of the company’s values and focus.

Of course, a logo doesn’t just sit at the top of a website or letterhead. Once it’s sent out into the wild, it needs to be adaptable for use across various real-world environments and digital formats. During the design process, consideration should also be given to the fact that it might have to be reproduced in various sizes and materials. Knowing your intended uses for the logo can help guide your final choice of design.

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