We have all been following the Ukraine situation unfold, but what is certainly different with this war is the use of cyber-attacks by Russia to gain advantages, as reported by the BBC View BBC Cyber Attacks Article

Perhaps we assume we are immune in our daily online activities and feel somehow protected from the war here in the UK? This isn’t the case, and the National Cyber Security Centre for the UK advises organisations to take action and improve resilience towards cyber threats.
NCSC Advice Following Russia’s Attack

Computer stop sign
Cyber attack map

So what can be done to protect my online business?

With a quick setup we can provide protection for your website by the use of an additional security package.

This package includes software scanning to check the website for malware and removal in the event of discovery. Also, an extended firewall to block unwanted visitors which can be tailored to meet your requirements, including blocking countries outright.

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To find out more on how we can support you to protect your business, please visit Sitemakers Security and Protection page or contact Support.