Who knew that Engelbert Humperdinck, and his Lyrics “please release me, let me go” would resonate so strongly at this moment? As a creative agency in Somerset, and like so many Somerset businesses, we are now looking forward to the 19th July date, where ‘business as usual’ can resume. Of course it won’t be business as usual, I’m not sure anything will be quite the same, but rather than looking back at what has been a stressful 16 months for many business owners, we need to look forward at the opportunities that lay before us. As a creative agency, we have carried on working throughout the pandemic, helping clients keep their business running by providing the services they need. As with many Somerset businesses we have evolved and adapted to some new ways of working. Additionally, we have looked at the services we offer, how we offer them and how we can improve our business for the benefit of our clients. This has required ‘taking a step back’ and looking at the bigger picture of what our clients need, and how best we can serve them. I think this can be said for a lot of Somerset business owners who, like us, have also had to review their business. In some ways it has been like a spring clean, with an opportunity to optimise and strengthen the products and services. In some cases Somerset business owners have introduced completely new services or products, some have offered delivery services for the first time, sold more online, or maybe introduced online sales for the first time. One thing that last year’s experience has shown is that business owners, for the most part, are prepared to innovate and adapt. Like so many, we have done the same; we have freshened up our website to make it more focused around the services we offer. We have defined some of the services into clearer packages to make our pricing structures clearer. We expect many of our clients to be doing something similar, adding new services, defining their business model and planning ahead to power themselves out from the past year and into 2022 and beyond. We are here to help them.