As we start to open things back up we look to the future of what this means for our business and what this means for our clients across Somerset and beyond.

The next important date in the roadmap to end lockdown is the 17th May, where most notably people can meet inside once again, in groups of no more than six. And larger groups can meet outside of up to 30. This means pubs and restaurants can finally open their doors along with Hotels and B&B’s. But just because they ‘can’ this doesn’t necessarily mean they will!

We have spoken to several business within the hospitality sector and not all are planning to re-open so soon. Being only able to provide seating for limited numbers means the income would not make it worth while when offset against staff costs and other business costs created when re-opening. So some have decided to wait it out, after all – what’s another month after such a long period of closure.

So some have chosen to wait, and re-open after the June 21st date, where hopefully , all legal limits on social contact have been lifted and life can feel, perhaps, a bit more normal. We will be able to mix indoors and outdoors without worry or thought of restrictions and businesses can start to make the long journey of clawing back lost incomes.

We will be faced with other problems, such as supply and demand. Supply chains have been rocked this past year, the Suez Canal incident has also kicked many business when they were down. This may well mean that although businesses can re-open and the masses decend, will the shelves and stocks be able to cope.

Time will tell, and the retail and hospitality industry certainly has a challenging journey ahead.

So, where did we sit in all of this?

We’ve been here throughout the pandemic, working hard helping to keep customers businesses going. Making sure servers are running, websites remain stable and carrying on with our creative work. We have faced similar challenges to most businesses such as working from home, but we are fortunate enough to be a computer, internet based business and all of our systems were already geared to be accessed from any location.

Our plans now are to continue maintaining the high level of customer service our clients expect. Along with helping local businesses that are looking to kick start their business again by adding essential creative flare.

If you are looking to kick start your business, perhaps looking to freshen up your brand, or take a new approach to business, then we are all ears and here to help.