When times are tough we all benefit from a bit of a boost. And at the moment it’s true to say times are particularly challenging for many in business.

For industries as diverse as manufacturing, professional services, retail, hospitality and leisure, huge changes in working practices and demand have meant that creative thinking is required to protect revenue in the short term and to build a successful future.

Creative digital services feature in the response to much of this change. In many cases service delivery is moving online, and the changing demand from customers is creating opportunities and establishing many new ways of working.

And that is why we have introduced Boost for Business. It’s a fixed price marketing consultancy, starting with a detailed review of your current position; what you sell, how you sell it and who you are selling to, and resulting in a report with practical help and advice to introduce new marketing initiatives and stimulate business.

This is how it works:

Marketing Review

Customer attitudes and behaviours are changing fast; what are the opportunities for your business? We spend time with you and take an objective look at your current marketing mix, and challenge you to think differently about how you can evolve to create new success.

We look for your strengths in your business and the opportunities, guiding you in setting objectives and formulating a plan of action for your marketing.

Website & Digital Appraisal

We review your existing online and digital presence (website & social media pages) and give feedback on their performance. For example, if your website has not be updated for some time, there will be technical, design and content changes that can be made to improve visibility and performance in attracting business.

The same is true of social media, and other online platforms. Analysis of current performance will help guide future plans.

Branding Review

How are you seen by the outside world? We review your current image, and provide advice and guidance on how your branding can be developed and improved to ensure alignment with your objectives.

Branding should be consistent across all media, both online and offline in order to develop awareness and generate the desired responses. All with a view to generating new business and keeping existing customers coming back.

Boost for Business Report

The resulting Boost for Business Report gives you a wealth of helpful and practical information about your business that you can use to improve your marketing. With the report to hand, you can action the advice yourself, or we can help if you’d like.

Sitemakers offers a full range of marketing, creative and digital services, ready to be deployed on your behalf.

Talk to us today and let’s help give your business a boost.