We’ve all seen it, been sucked in by it and the majority of us just accept the reality of it; “That what you see isn’t always what you get.” 

This begs the question in this socially evolved world, with access to instant information, is it about time the way we portray products to be the best they can, changes to the true reality of what you get.

No, absolutely not! That’s crazy talk right there. The truth is, a majority of advertising and marketing is aspirational, as consumers we want better, we demand better. We want to see food that looks like it’s just stepped off a catwalk, it needs to make our mouth water and trigger an impulse to rush out and get one right now. In fact, I bet you keen looking at the picture above of the ‘star’ burger above, thinking, hmmm that looks yummy, I want a burger.

A majority of successful marketing campaigns, show a lifestyle people want to lead. The sun is shining, everyone is fit and healthy and seemingly no money worries. Driving around in brand new cars, eating food prepared by a master chef and seemingly no stress in their life whatsoever.

We all know this is a far stretch form reality, but we love to see it nonetheless. Deep down we want to be those people leading that life, we want to escape the reality of getting up going to work every day, paying bills and doing the school run.

But does this mean the advertising is miss-leading or showing something that is unachievable? Well no, the photo of the burger is taken in controlled conditions with a bit of titivating, some sexy lighting and a skilled photographer, made up of the the same ingredients you will get when you burger is handed over to you. It’s not so much a lie, but a burger on a really good day.

So as a creative marketing company, do we have a duty to portray a harsher reality, or is it acceptable to carry on creating ‘images’ to look as good as it can even if this distorts the truth, even just a little bit.

We will always aim to show the product or service in its’ best light, it needs to look as good as it can, the best it can be. But we would never take it to a point that is no longer represents the true product. We believe as creatives it’s our duty to make things look amazing, we want people to want it.

That said, some marketing is shifting to value social media in a way it never could before. Relying on consumers to shout about your product or service in a way that is far more trusted than a marketing campaign. For example a thousand consumers raving about your product on social media is potentially more valuable than a banner campaign with a sexy photo of your product.

With socials like Instagram where the image is king, your product can be photographed and portrayed in all manner of ways that you have no control over. So the ‘star’ photo may eventually become a thing of the past in terms of growing your social reach, but this doesn’t mean you should stop.

So we will continue to make our clients products and service look as amazing as we can, we know this to be aspirational, the people we are marketing to know this is a stretch of reality, but everyone is ok with that, for now.

So to build your brand, take the star shot, show your product as best you can. But then let social media take over and work with it, don’t fight it. Keep making your product great, listen to your customers and work with social, don’t fight against it.

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