5 things to remember when planning your Website Design Somerset

The months fly by, and it’s certainly about time another article was posted, this time focusing on the term website design Somerset’.

If you took the time to read my previous post, you will see we like to target specific keywords to help in our marketing strategy to get relevant traffic and business knocking on our door, so we can help independent retailers grow their ecommerce business. The previous article focused on the phrase ‘ website design Somerset’ – so yes you’ve guessed it, this is more of the same, as after all this is what we do.

But don’t turn away just yet thinking this is just another fluff piece to pander to the Google gods, time and effort has still been put into creating what I believe is a ‘good read’ and may just help you decide on what to look for in an ecommerce provider. So when looking to upgrade or change your ecommerce website design Somerset, you may just feel the need to get in touch with us.

As mentioned in my previous article, we are going to focus on the 5 things to remember when planning your ecommerce website design Somerset.

There are of course a much loner list and far more detail than I can go into within this one article, but these 5 useful website design Somerset tips will certainly help you on your way to understanding how to approach your new, or next, ecommerce website design.

The 5 ecommerce website design Somerset tips are:

1. Remove stock looking images and use imagery right for your audience
2. Include social share and follow buttons where possible
3. Intuitive navigation and Calls-to-action
4. Stay mobile friendly
5. Focus on SEO

1. Remove stock looking images and use imagery right for your audience

So no messing about and diving straight in. It’s very easy, especially when you consider how much time it takes to put content into an ecommerce website, to take the images supplied by your supplier and use these within the website. Whilst this is fine for perhaps the initial setup so you can see how things are shaping up. This can actually work against you, the main reason being that your product pictures just end up looking like everyone else.

There’s nothing worse than looking the same as your competitors. You could spend hours on creating a totally unique design, looking all fresh and ‘new’. Your potential customer will be sucked in by this at first, which is great but then they start to focus on the product and the product images, they start to think they’ve seen this product before.

The old adage, a picture speaks a thousands words, hasn’t changed and is still as important as ever. A more unique product photograph, with the right lighting and right approach can give a much higher quality feel. Plus when you control the images you can ensure they stay consistent across your website which in turn will help raise the quality of your ecommerce website design Somerset and really help you to stand out from your competitors.

There really is no excuse these days with mobile phone cameras being more than suitable to take great photographs, so literally the solution to greater pictures is in the palm of your hand and you should take all advantage of what it has to offer, and really make your product picture stand out.

2. Include social share and follow buttons where possible

Chances are you have put a lot of time into setting up your ecommerce website design Somerset, writing content and taking those all important product photographs. So once you launch this into the world you want to shout about it. But there is only so much shooting you can do, with social marketing being a very time consuming marketing strategy you will almost certainly need a hand.

Then what better than getting your customers to help spread the word. Whilst there are a whole host of scoaif marketing strategies you could deploy, perhaps articles r another day. If you provide easily shareable content, you are gaining an extra boost in social shares that money just can’t buy.

So ensure every product has a share button, linking through to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to name a few, but an important few! Social shares can really boost your coverage within the socials. Additionally shared content by your customers tends to be less ‘sally’ and more genuine, this is great for building brand confidence.

3. Intuitive navigation and Calls-to-action

With your ecommerce website design Somerset, the structure of your website is something we have a good deal of experience in setting up. The best approach is to stick to the ‘expected’ norm, and try not to be too clever here. Grouping products into nice organised categories and ensure a aural flow to defining a product.

This is much like you oddly do within a physical high street shop. The shop window is the landing page f your website, you want to highlight special offers and push those important seasonal or trending products. Then once in the store let the shopper navigate freely, keeping products grouped on the ‘virtual shelves’ so if they can easily see complimentary products next to the profit the initial were shopping for.

Again a whole article dedicated to this topic alone, but in basic terms don’t try and reinvent the wheel.  Trying something new and different isn’t always the best plan.

4. Stay Mobile Friendly

Once upon a time in a distant land not that long ago, mobile was considered a secondary requirement. Very often we were asked to build an ecommerce website design Somerset focusing on desktop in the first instance and then at ‘some point’ In the future we’ll get around to doing mobile.

This was of course many years ago now, and it’s nothing ground breaking or new to state that mobile is here to stay and is massively important. Although mobile is now more commonly catered for by creating ‘responsive’ ecommerce website design Somerset.

Responsive ecommerce website design Somerset ensures your website looks good no matter what the device is that views it. This covers mobile phones and tablet devices. With online purchases on ‘mobile devices’ now exceeding desktop computers the tide is turning to ensure your commerce website design Somerset caters for mobile as importantly as desktop.

Responsive ecommerce website design Somerset for some reason seems a tricker thing to get approval, as there is a tendency to check the website when being built on a desktop computer. This is typically due to using a desktop computer to add the content when setting up the website, as this is generally quicker to do on a desktop computer.

5. Focus on SEO

Every single thing you do with your ecommerce website design Somerset, should be focusing on the customer experience and how the internet perceives your website. Google bots and search algorithms are becoming incredibly sophisticated and starting to behave more and more like real people. Therefore creating great content for your customer goes hand-in-hand with great content for search engines.

There are some things however to keep in mind, and the single most important one seems obvious but is often overlooked… ‘What phrase do you most want to be found for”. This phrase is also the defining description of your ecommerce website design Somerset.

For example, I take no secret about the fact that we want to be found for the terms ‘Ecommerce website design Somerset’ or part thereof such as ‘website design Somerset’.

You may well sell thousands of products, but there is sure to be something you stand for as a business, something that defines and separates you from he competition. You may be a shoe retailer for example, but you specialise in a specific range of shoes or style, perhaps you orthopaedic shoes for the 50 to 80’s age range. In which case you start with targeting a phrase that relates to this, for example ‘UK’s Largest Orthopaedic Shoe range’.

The content you write should focus on this phrase, making sure it appears within your H1 and H2 headings, along with appearing in the body of text. Be careful not to over o it, as tis can work against you too, but for a typical 2000 words, aim to include about 10 times.

Then once you have exhaust content for this term, or have reached a suitable level within your page rankings, then start to widen your keyword reach, but focusing on other keyword terms that also relate to your product range.

This is a complex area and only touched upon here. Read more information on Ecommerce website design Somerset here.

So, when it comes to Ecommerce website design in somerset, or even the UK, we can help help you grow your ecommerce business.