1. Keep the user in mind.

With many website designs, especially ecommerce website designs in Somerset which is where we are based. When thinking about the design of your website, you should always keep the user in mind. This sounds obvious like so many of the points we are making on this page. But it can often be overlooked and start to become clouded as often fancy features start to take over the website design itself.

So when planning your website design Somerset, whether this is a totally new venture and you are looking for a new website design or whether you are looking to re-vamp and freshen an existing ecommerce website design, the same principles apply.

Quite often trends change when it comes to website design, Somerset based business are affected by this as much as any businesses and whilst it is sometimes good to keep the website design in-line with trends, you need to keep in mind that your website needs to stand out. What is right for one industry is not necessarily right for your website design Somerset industry.

But one thing that will aways remain constant when designing a website Somerset, is the user experience. No matter how you design the colours, where you put the buttons, how the buttons look, what tor navigation looks like. All of these should hinge off the user experience.

This can change and doesn’t mean every website all over the internet has to follow a strict set of rules, but if you look close enough you will see that many ecommecre website designs follow the same structure and principle. Why? Because its what the user expects.

You can compare this to something like a motor car, everyone expects the steering wheel to be at the front, along with wing mirror, rear view mirror and controls to be roughly in the same place. If you then decided ‘just to be different’ to put the steering wheel in the boot and have the wing mirrors on the roof. Whilst this may still be useable, it forces the user to think harder about what they are doing, this in turn leads to a bad user experience.

2. Use unique high quality images within your website design

Ecommerce website designs Somerset, when gathering images for your website design, it is important to remember a few things, are the images unique, are they high quality and do they display the product or service in the clearest way.

In many cases, especially with ecommerce website design Somerset, it seems easier to use supplier supplied images. This means your website has images that the supplier has sent out, to not just you and your website design, but also to you potential competitors. Whilst this is a quick and cost effective way of getting image into your Ecommerce website design, this does not help your website design to stand out and give you the marketing edge.

Where practical we would always recommend taking your own photographs for your website design Somerset. We appreciate this does mean a certain amount of time has to be committed to this task, plus it helps if there is someone within your team that has a photographic eye. But by taking your own photographs for your ecommerce website design you will stand out form he competitors. Plus it allows you to take pictures at various angles, showing the product in more detail, from front back and sides.

3. Prioritise Website speed within your website design

Some of this follows on from the previous point about images. In most cases website design load speeds are dictated by the size of the images within your website design. There are also other factors relating to the way a website is coded, such as the use of Javascript, and the version of PHP and importantly the server specifications.

Some of this you may feel s out of your control, but this is why you should carefully consider the service provider you are using. As we are one of the leading website design agency in Somerset, we can best advise and have years of experience in managing ecommerce website designs for Somerset based and UK based businesses.

The hosting environment in which your website sits is very important not only for speed, but also for security. It is very similar to purchasing a Personal computer for your office or home. The speed of the processor, how much memory and the type of hard drive; mechanical or solid state – will all impact how well your website performs. Along side this the operating system and how updated certain things like PHP are on the server will all play it’s part.

Once you have ensured your ‘hosting environment’ is right for your website design, making sure images are well optimised is something you can certainly control. JPG image or PNG are typically the best format for your ecommerce website design. There are online services that can optimise thees or use software on your PC such as Adobe Photoshop.

4. Use colour to your advantage within your website design

You will undoubtedly have a colour scheme for your branding, and this in part will help form the look for your ecommerce website design Somerset. We would typically use your branding as the basis of the design, but we would also consider the type of services or products you are looking to promote via the website design.

Using colours like green for buttons, is a positive ‘go ahead’ colour, where as red tends to be a more aggressive ‘alert’ colour. Whilst you do not have to stick to the ‘rules’ of usability, it is always worth keeping this in mind. Colours such as blue and warm yellow are very uplifting and give a healthy positive vibe about your website design.

We offer ecommerce website design in Somerset and across the UK, with clients of all sizes in both service led industries and ecommerce, online retail. We can help guide you and provide over 20 years experience to ensure your website performs at the highest level.

5. Prioritise Mobile within your website design

Ecommerce website design Somerset, focusing on mobile is a key factor. Once-upon-a-time mobile was a secondary consideration. Website design was focused on desktop computers more than mobile, but there is no doubt now that mobile devices such as tablets and phones have become the priority.

You have probably heard the term ‘responsive’ – this is where an website design present itself in the correct way depending on the device it detects that is viewing it. So if you are on a mobile the website design will optimise itself and reposition content accordingly to make sure that the user experience is as smooth as possible.

If you have an older website design that is not making best use of mobile, or is not catering for mobile at all, then you are missing valuable traffic and losing any competitive edge yo our competitors.

We provide a no obligation appraisal of your website design, whether this is an ecommerce website design or an information website. Our Ecommerce website design Somerset services stretch across the UK. Combined with over 20 years experience building Ecommerce website designs and information website designs, you can be sure the best advice, get in touch today.